Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 4th

We so enjoyed having a relaxing morning on the 4th! I had my food all made the day before, so there really wasn't anything to do! 

The week before Bridget had seen the doughnuts at the  store, and I told her maybe when daddy was home we could come pick some out. So Thursday morning we headed to Kroger and the kids each picked out a star shaped doughnut with red and blue sprinkles on top. :) Probably enough sugar to last them for days, but it's a rare treat, so oh well.  :)

We left the house a little after 11 to go to my aunt and uncle's for our annual Pfaffmann family get together. It was such a gorgeous day so we spent most of it outside. The kids took awesome naps there!
There are no pictures from the afternoon, because the kids were sleeping for 3 hours and my camera was in with them, and I wasn't going to risk waking them up to go get it!
We left around 5 and headed to Eureka. First we went to pizza hut for supper, and then headed to some church on 116 to watch fireworks. We've sat at the same spot for the past 3 years and it has worked out so well for our kids! There is a big grassy area so the kids can run around, and it's close enough to the fireworks to get a good show, but far away enough that the noise isn't too bad for the kids. 

 I had brought along a bunch of snacks to have during the fireworks, but I think the kids ate most of them long before. They also polished off half a package of oreos and were incredibly wound up most of the night.  

 Luke's mom and dad, nephew, and cousin, Mike, came and sat with us.

 Carter eating some popcorn that the church was giving out! 

 The kids loved the fireworks and sat on our laps and watched the whole time! At least I think they loved them. Maybe they were just having a blood sugar crash.  :)

And when we got home, this was our view!

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