Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monkey Joe's

Last Sunday Kate called wanted to go to the zoo. So we planned a Monday morning visit.

Monday morning came, and it was pouring rain, but we thought we'd try for it anyway. However, after it poured the whole way to Peoria, we scratched that idea and scrambled to find something else to do. After going through several options, we finally decided on Monkey Joe's, which neither of us had ever been to.

blurry picture, but since they wouldn't stop, this is about as good as they get.

 Kate and Jade at the bottom of the slide

 Once I finally forced Bridget to go down the slide, she loved it!

Carter's feelings about Monkey Joe's

Overall it was fun, although my kids are probably a little young and a little clinging to make the money worth it ($10 for both kids). Side note: if you do decide to go, you have to have socks in order to jump. Obviously we didn't have socks on in July so on top of the $10 to get in, we bought $6 worth of socks. 

Afterwards we went to Firehouse pizza for lunch, and I amazed everyone with my "feeding two hungry and grouchy children at a buffet" skills. Or maybe not. But we did get to enjoy some catch up time, nonetheless. 

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Mark and Kate said...

I have to say, you did have some mad mothering skills at the restaurant...I aspire to be like you someday!! It was fun, and before the summer is over, we are so going to the ZOO :)