Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 months ago...

I posted my latest post. Pathetic, really. But we've been so busy this summer that I just haven't made the time to post. Notice I say taken the time, because I certainly have taken the time to do other things. Like read a whole novel in one day. Did I really just admit that:? Anyway, we've had a grand time being outside and doing things like mowing, watering flowers, take walks and bike rides, playing with chalk, swinging, and playing in the sandbox. We've only been to the pool twice and neither child was very impressed. They'd rather play with water than actually be in it.

So without further ado, here are some pictures of our past few months.
Sleeping in her big bed. I know it's been forever since I posted, because here she's still on the mattress on the floor. She is now in an actual bed, and I finally finished her bedspread today (yay!!!!) Pictures of that to come. 

 Play date with the Grimms. Eli and Carter are good buddies.

Bridget loving that she got to hold baby Shiloh (even though she doesn't look real enthused)

Luke's mom brought some big lego blocks for the kids, and they have spent hours playing with them. How did I never think of getting these before?!

My mom also cleaned out her closets, and sent my American Girl doll collection home with me. The kids had great fun with the table and chairs; until they tried to sit in the chairs and I packed them up and put them away. 

Warm weather means flip flops for our little barefoot lover. If she can get away with not wearing shoes she will. But if she must wear something, flip flops are first rate.

Swing set building day!! Carter thought all the tools were pretty great.

The building team consisted of Logan, my brother Adam, and Luke. It was a miserable day to work on it-drizzling and cold, and things didn't go smoothly.

This was all the further they got on the first day. The next week Adam come over and helped again, and between that and many evenings of Luke working, it got mostly finished. 

Dolly LOVES to dress up. Her Target dollar section tutu is worn daily, and is usually a part of her wardrobe no matter where we go. The shoes from Wendi's wedding are also a favorite, and she clomps around the house in them all the time. 

Pretending the hamper is her horse

the following several pictures in the sequence I usually get when trying to get a picture of the two of them together.

Saturday morning picnic on dad's lap

Homemade play dough! The kids had a blast with it, even though I had to work to keep from gagging because of the smell. 

Sunday evening pizza with friends. Are our kids really old enough to eat in the kitchen by themselves??

Grimms came over to swim one day. It was freezing. Our kids hardly stepped foot in the pool but Judah and Eli just jumped right in. 

Carter loves to pretend to drink our coffee...don't worry, we don't actually let him have any. It's bad enough that my kids beg for my diet pepsi every day. 

We got sand in our sandbox! The kids now spend hours in here!

The handsome man to who made it all possible. (with a little help from family and friends)

The finished product. I think it looks pretty awesome, and it turned out exactly how I wanted it!

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