Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Goings On

In a rare turn of events, all 3 children in my care today are still in bed at 8am, so I'm taking this opportunity to catch up on the blog, and add some new pictures from our latest happenings.
 I'm not sure when I took this picture, but I think it's pretty cute! Bridget loves to read books, and is happy to sit with anyone who will read her one.

 One Saturday night we went out for pizza with Trent and Jenae. Our quick stop at Benj and Karen's turned in to a long stop, and pretty soon the Leman's ended up there as well. We had a grand time chatting and eating popcorn, ice cream, and scotcharoos. The kids were in the their glory! Carter and Crey are exactly a month apart, and they enjoyed their popcorn at the table. 
 Crazy scene of everyone eating and making food.

We've enjoyed some nice days outside and it is WONDERFUL to be able to let the kids run around! I'm anxiously awaiting the day we get our swing set! There's nothing like making your little brother push you around the car....

This picture is out of order...the kids (esp Bridget) are loving the sidewalk chalk they got in their Easter baskets! In the past week they've used almost all of it. I think we'll be investing in lots of chalk this summer.

Easter Sunday we went to Luke's mom and dad's for the evening. His mom had an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the basement, and Bridget's candy was mostly gone by the end of the night. Neither child was cooperative for any pictures...

Julie and Brice were, however.

 Like I said....not cooperative.

 Everyone else searching for their candy.

 These two hooligans love to brush their pretty much gets done at least twice a day.

 Once again, out of order. The Saturday night before Easter my family came over for supper and the kids got to open their Easter "baskets" from my mom and dad. They got bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and bunny ears. :)

Carter's new prefered morning activity is to watch The Wiggles in Bridget's chair before she wakes up. Once she gets up, he quickly gets demoted back to the highchair. 

He is pretty sure he needs to feed himself all the time...and this is usually the result. Bathtime!!

This past Saturday night we went to the Grimm's for supper. We always have fun being with them, and I love getting some baby Shiloh snuggles. One of these days I'll remember to take a picture of her...
These two are going to be best buddies. They're about 5 months apart, but are the same size, and are both major trouble makers. I'm afraid of what will happen as they get older. What one doesn't think of the other one will!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. All the adults went out to eat and left the kids with a babysitter. Then we came back to mom and dad's for dessert and hanging out. Bridget has been looking forward to this party for weeks and talking about the cake we'll eat and balloons we'll have. We did get some balloons for the party. I'm pretty sure 5 balloons is the most entertainment $5 will buy for our kids. We brought them all home because, to quote Adam: "you might as well let your kids play with them. If you leave them here we'll just suck the helium out of them."  We got to go through mom's skimpy garage sale, and I brought home all my American Girl doll stuff. 

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