Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pumpkin festival!

About 2 weeks ago the highlight of Morton's fall arrived - the Pumpkin Festival! We headed out the second night of the festival. It was quite chilly, but we had fun anyway. 
We skipped eating at the festival, because it just sounded stressful to stand in line that long with 3 kids. 

The kids got to go on lots of rides, because I bought 20 tickets, much to Luke's chagrin. :-) (as the ride loving parent, I can totally relate to enjoying rides. Luke, as the ride hating parent, gets sick pushing the kids on the meri-go-round at the park.)

 The first ride was the train, which they both thought was a little boring.  :-)

Little dolly was bundled up all cozy in her car seat, and slept through a good portion of the night. 

The kids loved the Farris wheel! 
But the motorcycles took first place as the favorite ride! 

We didn't go to the festival on Friday night, as it was way cold and drizzling. Instead we stayed home and waited for our company to arrive! Kenton & Heidi and Tony & Sarah came and stayed for the weekend! With 6 adults and 7 kids under the age of 5, we were filled to the max, but we had so much fun! The adults stayed up much to late talking. The whole weekend went very smoothly, and we hope to do this every year! 

Saturday morning was the parade! The weather was perfect, and the kids got way too much candy. 
Alison nursed for the majority of the parade, and then was a happy girl! 

After lunch the kids (and some adults) took naps.

Kids table  :-) 
Lots of cookies for dessert! 

The dads and all the kids (minus Alison) on Sunday morning. We actually made it to church on time! 

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