Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sibling powow - when they're doing this in 3 years they'll probably be up to no good! However, I love seeing Bridget and Carter pay more attention to Alison now that she's older and more responsive. It was nice that they kind of ignored her when she was a newborn, but now she just loves it when they talk to her! 

"You ready thought I'd want to eat at 5am and then go back to sleep? Funny mom, very funny." 
Alison has been kind of a stinker about sleeping the part couple weeks. She had been doing a good 12 hours, but now will only go about 7 hours, and getting up two or three times in that 7 hours.

4 months old! At 4 months Alison:
- rolls all over, both back to tummy and tummy to back. 
- chews on everything
- wants to be in the same room as everyone else
-likes to be outside
- has replaced her sweet cooing with a loud, sick parrot sounding squawk

Watching something on dad's tablet - his lap is running out of room! (And Alison this thrilled to be in the middle of all the action)

Bridget finally got her hair cut! It looks so much better! She was pretty thrilled with the experience!  :-) 

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