Sunday, September 7, 2014


Again, with the safety goggles.  "Mom, I look cool!" Um... something like that.  :-)

Last Saturday afternoon/evening Caleb and Bethany invited us and some other families from church out to their grandparent's lake. The kids had a blast swimming, fishing, playing on the playground, and being rowed around in the canoe. 
They were busy having so much fun in fact that it wasn't till we were ready to leave that I noticed that his eye was all red, puffy and gunky- pink eye.  :-( 
Thankfully it cleared up quickly and no one else has gotten it. 

Alison's new favorite spot is sitting in the bumbo on the kitchen table and watching us eat. 
She looks like such a little scrub in the bumbo. :-)

Pretending to be sleeping

Alison tends to be an attention hog, and her new thing is eye contact. She not only wants to be in the same room as everyone else, she also wants you to be looking at her. 

Carter woke up extremely grumpy a few days ago. When I asked him what he was fussing about, he replied with "Alison is looking at me!" How dare she!  :-)

Given Alison's nosey nature and need to see all that goes on, I pulled out the jumperoo a bit early. She thinks it's great, and can just reach the floor with the tip of her toes. 

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Jenny said...

I think Carter's safety goggles are cool... :P