Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August everydays

Our pace has somewhat slowed down the past couple weeks, which I'm certainly not complaining about! The kids have enjoyed playing outside, usually with the neighbor kids. 

Alison has continued to be her happy contented self, although she's been getting up more at night. It's a little hard to get used to get up again at night, because she had been sleeping 12 hours straight! 

I took the older two shoe shopping the other week. Alison stayed with grandma. It was fun to just have 2 kids for a morning and I was reminded how easy it was with two!  :-)
Bridget thought shopping was great fun, Carter could have cared less. They both cowboy boots, which they thought was quite great. And since payless had the whole store buy one get one half off, I got a couple pairs for myself too. 
After our visit to the mall we went to Chick fil A for lunch, and playing in the play area before we headed home to collect Alison. 

I can no longer leave her unattended in the bouncy seat because she does acrobats and nearly flips herself out of it. 

I think she's just the cutest.  :-)

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