Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So back in September, I did a post with before pics of our house. You can see that post here. Anyway, almost 8 months later, here are my after pictures! Unfortunately, Bridget was sleeping when I took these, so there is no picture of her room...which is sad because it's probably the most changed room in the house. 

Dining area of the kitchen. Painted everything, still need a new light fixture and new kitchen floor.

Rest of the kitchen. Got a new light fixture above the island. A new oven, microwave, and dishwasher are in our near future. Also in the plans is to re-stain the kitchen cabinets a little darker color brown, and get new door hardware.

Living room. Painted everything, including the bay window frame, which was previously just bare wood. Got a carpet remnant and new curtains. 

 Other part of the living room. Still need to put trim around the front door. 

 Main floor bathroom. Again, painted everything. Also put in a vent fan and towel hooks. Planning to replace the floor when we do the kitchen.

 Bathroom again.

 Carter's room. Stripped wallpaper and painted everything. Got a new light fixture, which is still only half up. :) Scrubbed off the cat pee coated on the floor and walls of the closet. (yes, I almost threw up multiple times) Used mineral spirits and velvet oil on the wood floors to clean them up a little. Both bedrooms have original hardwood in them, and my plan is to re-do them (strip, sand, stain, and seal) next summer.

 Our bedroom. Painted everything. Used mineral spirits and velvet oil on the floors, got a carpet remnant. Still need a new ceiling fan, and some curtains that block our more light than our blinds.

 Stairs. Had them carpeted and wrapped the edges. Since Bridget's taken a tumble multiple times, I'm SO glad we decided to carpet them!

 Upstairs bathroom. Painted yellow, hung new towel hooks and took off shower doors and replaced with a curtain. Makes the bathroom seem bigger, which is good since there's barely room to turn around in it. Still need a toilet paper roll holder. It's those little things that take the most time to get to!  :)

 Guest room. Painted and replaced carpet. Got a new bedroom set from Luke's sister.

 Basement office area. It no longer looks like this cause we took the paneling off the walls in preparation for making that window into an egress window. 

Painted the basement ceiling black, put down carpet remnants, and discovered that the bigger half of our L-shaped couch didn't fit down the stairs. 

And those are my pictures. And along with the things I listed that we did, we also replaced all the door hinges, painted all the doors, replaced all the light switches and outlets, had our attic insulated, and washed and re-hung all the blinds. 

Next up: before and after landscaping pictures! (and I'll try not to wait 8 months!)  :)

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It looks great!! You make me tired... :)