Friday, September 30, 2011

House pics...before

Someday I'll get around to taking "after" pictures, but for right now the before ones will have to do. :)

This is the upstairs bathroom....very small.
Pretty much the same picture :)
Upstairs bedroom #1. There aren't any pictures on them, but off to the left of this picture, the right of the next, and in the upstairs hallway are HUGE closets. 2 in each room and one in the hall. I joked that if we have more kids than we plan, we can always make the hall closet into an extra bedroom. :)
Bridget's room...with lovely mauve trim and LOTS of wallpaper.

Stairs. :) Can't tell by the pictures, but they're pretty dinged up from animal claws.

Our bedroom

Carter's room

Main floor bathroom.

Living room


One thing the pictures just don't show is the massive amount of dirt, grime, and pet hair found on EVERY surface...yep, even in the freezer that came with the house. Seriously....we should have taken close ups, but it just didn't cross my mind to take pictures of it. :)

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