Thursday, May 10, 2012

More pictures :)

So here are some picture updates. Because I know you're all just dying to see more of our cute kiddo's  :)  Okay you probably aren't, but I'll post them anyways. 
 Carter thinks he's big stuff now, and wants to sit up instead of laying on the floor or in his bouncy seat. Except he can't sit on his own yet...

 You gotta give the girl props for creativity... (wearing one of Luke's shirts and wearing the colander on her head as a hat.)

Happy little buddy in his jumperoo. And yes, it's in the kitchen because I can't leave his sight without hearing a siren start up. :)

And now here's some more Florida pics that I finally uploaded from the camera.

 Bridget driving the van while I swept it out before we left.

 At Sea World. Pretty sure she's pointing to the whale and telling me "Whale, splash!"

 The one day we ventured down to the beach area it started raining literally 5 minutes after we got there. 

 Taking walks

 And eating dad's ice cream.  :)

 love his shirt!  :)

I tried to take Bridget's picture while didn't work so well. She's at the age where she knows what I want her to do and therefore she refuses do it (she's 1.5 going on 3). That being said, she wouldn't look at me, and when she walks she looks down. So the only decent pics I got are of her back.  :)

Life has been a little crazy since we got home, and it doesn't look like it's going to be slowing down any time soon. Bridget has been sick the past few days with a fever, and while I'm sad she's sick, it is so fun to have her be snuggly and just want to be held and rocked. 

Carter has been working through baby food. He get's it twice a day now, and has tried green beans, peas, carrots, and oatmeal. He gagged like crazy on the beans, tolerates peas, likes the carrots, and loves the oatmeal.  :)

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