Thursday, July 30, 2009

Confessions of a house lover

I wouldn't say I'm a person with many hobbies, but on of the happens to be houses. Looking at houses, dreaming about houses, painting houses, fixing them up, all that good stuff. Out of all the houses out there, I have developed a love for old farm houses, or just old houses in general. They have so much character, and original hardwood is just beautiful. I regularly look at realtor websites, drooling over houses and updating my husband on the ones I like. :) And then the other day, I found dream house. Take a look at these pictures!

All finished, original hard wood, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathrooms, gorgeous dining room, radiators in the rooms (they add lots of charater), located on almost 2 acres with mature trees, beautiful yard, 2 outbuildings one of which is heated, and very importantly, it's located in Morton school district. Granted, it needs some major decoration updating, but I love to do that.
Anyway, I really want this house. Luke keeps reminding me that this is NOT a good time for us to buy a house, especially one this big ('s a little out of budget). I begged him to at least take me to look at the house. He said we could, but we're not buying it. (We're good for each other that way. He keeps me from running out and buying houses, and I keep him from buying trucks and motorcycles.)
I'll keep you updated on the house...if it's for sale for a while, I could go without eating for a couple days a week to save money. :)


Jenny said...

oooo... I like it too! :) to bad it's not in t-town's school district.

Katie LeAnne said...

lol I like to look at realtor's websites too!:)

Luke said...

Hmm...I'm not so sure you're the one keeping me from "running out and buying a truck or motorcycle" babe. *grin* As I recall you were quite supportive of the possibility. :-)

Love you.

Katie LeAnne said...

oo we have lots of trucks, do you want to buy one??? lol