Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Tuesday

Although technically it's supposed to be "Not me Monday," it is now in the wee hours of Tuesday, so I've changed the name.

There are a lot of things that did not happen this week that I thought I'd share with you all.

-I did not do dishes tonight for the first time since Thursday. That pile of dishes of did not include 12 cups, most of which did not have dried chocolate milk in the bottom. I have not been slightly obsessed with chocolate milk in the past week.

-I did not mention to my co-worker, Gwen, that I've never had anyone hemorrhage while I was working. My patient did not come very close to doing so just 3 minutes later. I did not run out of room and yell for Gwen. Not me, because I knew exactly what to do. Gwen was not slightly annoyed with my having made such a comment.

-I did not go to Family Video, walk through the ENTIRE new release section, and declare that I've seen everything that's not rated R and is not a horror movie. Not me, because when I stay up all night in between nights at work, I clean and do laundry and organize closets.

-Being the new, inexperienced nurse that I am, I did not rate myself as "very confident" when asked how confident I felt with drawing blood. I did not proceed to miss the next 11 blood draws I attempted. I did not mention to Gwen that I need to keep my mouth shut.

-My camera batteries did not die on the only thing in the past week I've remembered to bring the camera too.

-I did not make it from my house to my floor in the hospital in 18 minutes. Not me, because I always follow the speed limits.

-Once again at work: I did not get peed on by some fat little newborn. I did not leave his diaper totally off and walk off to get something. He did not pee on me as soon as stepped near his crib. Nope, this did not happen to me, because I know that little boys have incredible range, and I would never leave a diaper less baby in his crib.

-Being the decisive person that I am, I did not go to Walmart, pick up and pay for a prescription, bring it home, let it sit on the counter for 2 days, and then decide I wasn't going to take it. Not me, because I would never pay for something that I won't use.


Luke said...

Hmmm...I didn't know about some of those. You make me smile. :-)

Watchmen said...

i did'nt know about any of those. you make me laugh. love you