Wednesday, July 1, 2009

these lazy summer days

This weekend out potluck group (-2 couples and + 1 couple) headed out to Taylor to Kent and Jan Heimer's cabin. We had marvelous time, just relaxing and hanging out.

We got there late Friday afternoon, and it was just Kenton and Heidi and us till about midnight. We did some grilling, once we finally got the grill started.
One of the lakes

On Saturday, the guys did a lot of fishing, while us girls floated around on the lake from about 9:30am to 5pm. It was so hot and humid, and the lake felt amazing!

One of Luke's bigger fish that he caught.

Another lake

Jake didn't have high hopes as far as fishing went, because he had never caught a fish in his life. Well, Saturday night before supper he finally pulled one out!

The guys, overseeing the fish fry and chicken grilling

The girls

The cabin

All of us on Sunday morning before church
(except for Joe and Lindsey, who opted to drive the 30 minutes home in order to sleep in their own bed)
Thanks so much for Kenton and Heidi who organized everything and got it all together! We had great weekend!

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