Monday, August 10, 2009

Happenings and Thoughts

It seems like it's been a very long time since I last posted something, but in reality, it was less than 2 weeks ago. A lot has happened in that period of time, including some things that have made me think and pray like I haven't in a long time. So here are the latest happenings (in no particular order) along with my thoughts about them.

~My grandma passed away late last Thursday afternoon. The news was very sad to here, but it also brought joy to my heart to hear that grandma was finally able to go be with Jesus. It will be hard not to have her around at Christmas time and have her drop by to clean out the refrigerator or wash windows, or tell us how hot it is inside the house, and have the girls over for tea parties. Grandma was always one that would tell you her opinion, whether you wanted to hear it or not.

~I may have slightly overcome my fear of needles, simply because of the fact that I had to give myself a shot, and Luke refused to do it. After some initial nausea and hyperventilation, I was able to do it. :)

~We found out that one of our good friends, Jordon Schroeder, has cancer. And not only has cancer, but an in-curable type, and he was given 2 years to live. Please pray for Jordon, his wife Katelyn, and their 2 little girls, Jaycee (2 years) and Arawen (7 months). Having a close friend go through something like this has seriously rocked my world. It has made me realize how quickly life can end, how this world is NOT our home, and how I really need to be thankful for each day I have. Seeing a friend who I grew up with faced with the very real possibility of being a widow with two little girls breaks my heart.

~We drove up to Morris, MN for my cousins wedding. It was a VERY long drive...10 whole hours. I am not a good traveler. It rained most of the way there, and most of the way home. My car REALLY needs new tires, and we hydroplaned a few times...very scary. The good news is that Luke realized just how badly I do need new tires, and I will be getting them soon.

~I am back at work, after having 5 days off. I really didn't want to come in. And I really haven't done's been a boring night.

~There are a few pictures from the past week and a half that I will post someday when I post at home. Most of the time I forget my camera, or if I remember it, I forget to take any pictures. It's sad.

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