Tuesday, February 10, 2009


And lots of it. I feel like we've been running non-stop since last Saturday. After my niece's testimonies and baptisms on Sat and Sun, my Uncle Ted's visitation and funeral on Sun and Mon, and taking my boards on Tuesday, I was about done for.

But Luke's grandma in Lester, IA, passed away Monday night, so we headed up there Friday morning, and then turned around and came back 21 hours later. (16 hours in the car, 21 hours there....ugh!)

Then there was Sunday (we had company for dinner) and yesterday the potluck girls+Annie hosted a baby shower for Janel and Max. We had a great time, and hopefully our guests did too. Elise and I made a diaper cake, which turned out wonderfully if I do say so myself. It's not an actual cake, it's made of rolled up diapers put into 3 tiers, and decorated with stuffed animals, toys, books, etc. I'd show you ours, but I forgot my camera.

As a side note, I read a novel on the way to Lester. A whole novel. Seriously, I haven't read a book in ages. When I went to the library on Thursday, I got so excited! I just love libraries. All those wonderful books to take you places you'll never actually get to go, the quietness, the smell...ahh.


wendi jo said...

shoot... I wanted to see what the diaper cake actually looked like! I guess I'll have to look on youtube or something.

megs said...

ds like you've been running in high gear for a while... i can't do it. you're more put together than i am.

ps- congratulations on passing boards! truly a gift and blessing from God!! :)

Mom said...

Love of libraries...ahh, a girl after my own heart.

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Ahhhh, I long to be lost in a novel!