Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bread Day

There's nothing like homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, etc, right?

Well, last Wednesday when I was at Elise's (for no other reason than that we were both bored at home) we started looking through cookbooks and finding all these bread recipes that looked amazing, so we decided to makes Monday bread day.

We whipped up 2 loaves of bread, 4 1/2 dozen dinner rolls, and 4 dozen cinnamon rolls.

Wendi came over to show us how she makes her amazing cinnamon rolls. And we soon found out that while they were a lot of work, they are totally worth it!

Ready to start the cinnamon rolls!

Bread and dinner roll dough raising in the oven.

Ready to raise

Cutting with dental floss. Yes, it really does work!

Dinner rolls raising

The finished product!! YUM!


Traci said...

awww it looks like you guys are having fun! i want to move back to IL and have fun with you and elise!

Jenny said...

cute aprons. :)

I think Wendi needs to teach me how to make amazing cinnamon rolls.

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Yummy. Looks like good times had by all. If Monday is bread day....when is laundry day? This totally goes against everything women have known for ages! (tee-hee).