Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm freezing

And that fact is possibly due to the fact that we've had no heat since Saturday afternoon at 1pm.

And the fact that it's 53 degrees in my house.

It all started Saturday morning when I woke and smelled gas or something along those lines. I woke Luke up to tell him, and he told me to go downstairs to check it out, but to turn off the heat first in case it was going to blow up or something (uhhh...). It smelled really strong downstairs, so we called our trusty friend Paul, who just happens to be a heating/air conditioning guy. Before Paul arrived, the carbon monoxide detector began blaring. We put up with it for a while, putting it on silence but it kept going off. When we decided we were starting to feel the effects of the gas (headaches, dizziness, sick to the stomach) we figured we should leave the house. Paul arrived a little after 1pm, and quickly diagnosed out problem - We were out of propane to heat our house with. This lack of propane was causing incomplete burning (no questions about this please, I'm only repeating what I heard) causing the smell of propane and the increase of carbon monoxide. We kept the furnance off, and headed off for our wonderful Valentine's Day date of Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, Coldstone Creamery, and Band of Brothers with Paul and Elise.

Returning home at 11pm, we expected it to be a little chilly but we had lots of blankets. Before even getting into the house, we can hear the carbon monoxide dectector blaring once again. So I called my mom, we packed up our stuff, and headed over there for the night. Sadly, it was the one night my family was in bed before midnight, and since all the kids were where they were supposed to be sleeping (ie: in their own rooms) there was no bed availible. So we slept of the living room floor. We ended up spending the whole afternoon and evening at my mom and dad's, but came home to sleep in our bed. We put the little space heater in our room and shut the door, so we didn't freeze to death. Our room is now a toasty 67 degrees.

But the rest of our house is 53 degrees.

I am dreading my shower.


Lindsay said...

What a perfect example of why I will never live out in the country.

Jenny said...

o man... that doesn't sound like fun!