Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chilled to the bone

Yes, even here in Florida. (Luke is peeking over my shoulder and making fun of me!) Right now we're on our way back from Sea World, which was a lot of fun, minus the 55 degree weather all day, and no sunshine. We didn't exactly come dressed for those temps. We joked about how people in IL were probably warmer in the -14 degrees than we were today! :)

No, we really did have a good time, and have lots of really neat pictures as well. I've been very sad that I forgot my camera's usb cable, so I haven't been able to put any pictures up, or even put them on the computer.

We're all looking forward to hot showers and comfy beds! Never thought that'd be something I couldn't wait for while on vacation in Florida!


Anonymous said...

Those of us in Indiana in the sub-zero weather, truly nd sincerely feel sorry for you :-( I am sure you were not colder than I was waslking out to the parking lot this afternoon!
Aunt Sandy

Janel said...

I have to say that I don't feel one bit bad for you:) It is unbelievably cold today...actually all of the schools are canceled b/c of the cold!! I do understand how you feel though since when we were in FL it was the same way!!! Hope the rest of your trip is a little warmer!