Sunday, January 11, 2009


I could live here. Seriously, Florida needs nurses, don't they? It was 75 degrees today. Not a lot of sun, which made it feel really cold when on the beach, but it was fine.

We're hoping we make it through the week without further injury. Last night when we were walking by the bay, Adam stopped to check something out, and my mom stopped to look too. Unfortunetly for my mom, my dad wasn't paying attention, and smacked into her-really hard. If he wouldn't have caught her, she would have gone down. My dad had a nice goose egg on his forehead, but my mom had a nice gash by her eye. I personally thought it needed stitches, but we just glued it up and called it good. We were going to take family pictures on the beach this week, but we'll have to see how much we can cover up the brusing. :)

We found a sweet mini golf course on our walk tonight. I had never played, and it was a blast!! Adam totally smoked us all. I lost...but only by one point. We're looking forward to playing again.

On a closing note, I am totally in love with my new camera and tripod. It allows me to mess with settings and take really cool pictures.

Oh, one more quick thing. I got my NCLEX letter yesterday, so I can know sign up to take boards at some point. I haven't quite desided yet if I'm going to tell people when it is. It kinda makes me sick to think about it to be honest.


Janel said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing time!!! I'm a little jealous, but I guess I can't say to much, we were just there:)

Jenny said...

i'mnotjealousi'mnotjealousi'mnotjealous... haha.

so I'm trying not to laugh about your poor parents... but that's really funny. :)

I'm sure you'll have no problems passing your boards.

Jeremy & Nancy said...