Monday, October 27, 2014

Carter turns 3!

For Carter's birthday he also got to pick an activity to do. His pick was to go swimming at 5 Points and then to Firehouse Pizza for lunch. Since 5 Points only has open swim on at certain times, we went two days before his birthday. He had been sick that Monday and was still recovering, but he had lots of fun anyway. 
Elise and her kids went with us. I only have one picture, and Carter isn't even looking. :-( Being in a pool isn't very conducive to picture taking. 

On Friday (his actual birthday) we had his party. He picked Planes (as in the movie) for his theme. We had pizza, chips, salad, and apples and caramel. We had ice cream for dessert, as well as a ding dong cake.

 He also got a balloon and a huge bag of m&m's from Luke, but I didn't take a picture. 

Very ready to open his presents! 

He got lots of little vehicles for his birthday! Motorcycles, a semi and trailer, a digger, an airplane and helicopter, and a car from Bridget.

He also got a new bike and helmet from the grandparents. He looks so big on it! 

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