Monday, October 13, 2014


It suddenly occurred to me not very long ago that with 2 girls, I could dress them in matching clothes! This was very exciting, but I had a hard time finding matching infant and toddler clothes. Then I entered the Carter's store for the first time and there I found them matching dresses! They wore them the next Sunday, and surprisingly, we were even ray for church early enough to snap a picture! And it even is a semi good one!   :-)

Once in a rare while I'll find these two reading books. Must of the time Bridget is "reading" to Carter. 

Alison has been having a hard time with nursing lately, so she's been getting most her milk from a bottle. After 2 weeks of pumping like crazy, I'm hoping that we're on the upswing of getting back to nursing! We've been to the lactation consultant several times, and last time she informed me that Alison stumps her. She has the ability to nurse (she did it just fine for 4 months) and she gets plenty when she does nurse, she simply doesn't want to nurse.
She seems to enjoy throwing us curve balls, because she also is suddenly refusing to sleep on her tummy now, which she has been doing since she was born! 

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Jenny said...

Aw... they are so cute in their matching dresses! I have the same problem, I'll have to check out Carter's!