Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Days

Last Sunday Bridget came down with a very light case of the stomach flu. She threw up at the Big Schick Christmas during supper, but acted totally fine the rest of the evening. While my mom was helping get her cleaned up Bridget informed her that "throw up is sick!" I was starting to think maybe she had just choked or gagged on something, but Monday morning she came downstairs and threw up again. She was a pretty sad little girl and spent the rest of morning sleeping on the couch. Then by afternoon she was her usual self again.

Carter thought the ability to watch movies on the laptop all morning while Bridget slept was great! He did have a hard time leaving her alone and letting her sleep, and kept begging to go see her. When I finally let him tiptoe in the living room, he ran over to her and kissed her forehead before coming back to the kitchen. It was pretty cute.

Bridget needed someone to dance with and asked Luke if he would be her prince (melt my heart). She quickly decided that she needed someone smaller, though.

Luke took off new year's eve, and we enjoyed another day of being together. We ran a few errands and the kids got to pick out a movie to watch at the "movie store." Since Bridget had been sick the day before, we thought it'd be best if we didn't hang out with other people and spread any germs we might be carrying around. We let them watch their movie after supper, with popcorn and cookies, and then put them to bed a little before 9. After that, Luke and I settled in with a huge bowl of shrimp, 2 whole pounds of hot wings, and The Wolverine. We crawled into bed right at midnight, and totally crashed! We are not used to staying at that late anymore!

New Year's Day we headed to my mom and dad's for supper and the evening. Of course Grandma had to read one the kids' favorite books, Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls. 

Thursday morning Luke headed back to work, and since Carter had come down with a cold, he got to stay in his pajama's all day. This boy loves "bawberries" and can clean off half a box in a sitting. 

The little girl at the other end of the table...sent down there because they couldn't leave each other alone.

A few days before Christmas we watched Despicable Me with the kids and they loved it, begging to watch it every single day. So the other night we rented Despicable Me 2, which just as big of a hit as the first one!

You have to look closely at this picture to figure out what's going on. For Christmas my brothers both got remote control helicopters, and Carter thinks they are the greatest thing ever (actually, he thinks anything Adam and Luke do or have is the coolest). He re-discovered his toy helicopter in the toy box, and for the past few days had been attempting to fly it using his monitor. He'll comment that "it's not working" every once in a while, but that doesn't stop him from carrying them both around all day!

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