Saturday, January 11, 2014

Freezing Days

This past Monday it was COLD. Like -18 degrees cold. So we bundled up and stayed inside all day.  :) I didn't even get the mail. I decided to knock off something from my "before baby comes" to-do list, and went through all the kids clothes from the past 3.5 years. I cleaned out some I knew I wouldn't reuse and reorganized everything else. We still have a lot of clothes!

The kids (with Bridget as the mastermind) come up with all sorts of random things to play. This day they played sleepover party in the nursery, complete with blankets, pillows, and lots of books. Unfortunately, no sleeping ever occured. 

By Friday we were going a little stir crazy so we called up the Grimm's and all headed to Jumping Jax, a new inflatable bouncy house place in Washington. The kids had a great time running, jumping, sliding, and burning off energy. 

After playing hard we went to Firehouse Pizza (probably Bridget's favorite place to eat) for lunch. Then it was home for naps! 

The other night after making a large pot of soup, I called up our friends Andrew and Lindsay, who had just had a baby, to see if they wanted some food. They did, so we headed over there with soup, and to meet baby Eva. Both kids were very excited to hold her, although it didn't last long since she was screaming.  :)  Based on the half hour we were there, our poor baby is going to have to get used to being bumped and knocked around! 

It's been a lot of fun to see the kids learning about "baby Alison in your tummy" (which is how they refer to her). One morning during breakfast I showed them a video of a baby developing in-utero and told them that this is what baby Alison looks like. Now they ask to watch "the movie about what baby Alison looks like in your tummy" all the time. Bridget wondered how Alison gets food, so Luke gave a rudimentary lesson on how the umbilical cord works. She's missing some details, but she's got the general idea, and often reminds me while I'm eating that this food is going into baby Alison's tummy. :)

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