Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Life

A very long time ago my mom gave me a whole bunch of "Nature Friends" magazines and I promptly stored them somewhere out of the way. Fast forward probably close to a year, and Carter has discovered them. He'll spend close to a half hour or more sitting on the floor looking through his magazines. 

Last week we headed to the Children's Museum in Bloomington for Taevin's 3rd birthday. The kids had a great time, and it was pretty much impossible to get to them both to look at me at the same time for a picture. They loved the grocery store best of all. I finally hauled them out of there after 3 hours since it was past lunch time. I think they would have skipped both lunch and naps had I let them. 

Lately we've been trying to get Bridget to have a more rounded diet, ie: more dairy besides yogurt, more fruit besides grapes, and any sort of vegetable. This quiche was the first attempt. I happen to love broccoli so I chopped it finely enough that she couldn't pick it all out, and added mushrooms to appease Luke. :) Carter and I both thought the result was delicious, Luke thought the broccoli was a little much, and Bridget ended up gagging on a bite and throwing up on her plate. We'll wait a while to try broccoli again. 
Overall, however, she has been doing much better. I made some Southwest chicken wraps one night and she actually ate mashed up black beans in them (granted, she didn't know they were there, but still)! We've also added mandarin oranges/cuties, and apples to her list of approved fruit. I still haven't come up with a vegetable she'll eat, but hopefully she'll get there.

Carter is the exact opposite of Bridget. He'll scorn hot dogs or chicken nuggets for things like salsa, green beans, grapefruit, cooked carrots, and quiche with broccoli. :) I'm thankful, but it's a little weird. 

Last Friday we got watch Joelle and Maggie. Poor Maggie was probably way over stimulated by the time she went home. The kids could hardly move more than a foot from her for the first half hour. Bridget couldn't stop giving her toys (notice the huge pile) and Carter wouldn't stop rubbing her head. 
I have a feeling that the first few days (or weeks) of Alison's life I'm going to be saying things like "give her some room to breath," "back away from the baby," and "get out of her face!" She will be one loved baby (at least until they figure out that she isn't going home at the end of the evening...).

Pardon the bad picture, but I had to include this! Carter is my snuggle buddy and will randomly stop by me while playing and get in a few snuggles before running off again. It's pretty sweet. I call him my baby, and he'll correct me with "I not a baby! I Tar-ter." It's kind of hard to think of him not being my baby anymore! 

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