Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I had lots of them for the day. I figured after about 3 months of being at home, I should probably get myself in gear and actually do something. Anyway, I was going to run errands, paint the kitchen trim (which has needed painting since August) and the hallway wall (a certain painter missed a couple spots...shall remain nameless, but she knows who she is!). I was going to fix a healthy dinner since we ate out all weekend, and make at least 3 meals to put in the freezer.

But none of it is getting done now. Luke woke me up this morning about 7am to tell me that there was water all over the basement and that he would be running the wet/dry vac. At this point, I rolled over and asked "do you need me to come help?" sincerely hoping he would be ok on his own. But I got a "yeah, that'd be nice" in response.

Of course all the water would be over by where we have everything stored. And it's coming up through the floor. Seriously, if you've never seen water ooze through a concrete floor, you should come over. It's pretty weird to see. Our sump pump and floor drains are working over time, and I'm SOO thankful that they're just working!

Anyway, I have to stick around the house to wait for the sewer guy to come so the sewer doesn't decide to back up into the house, and I can't run any water. That puts a damper on running errands, painting, and making food.

Although, the most pressing question right now is what to do when I have to pee. There's no flushing the toilet, and I'm afraid that if I keep adding to bowl, that it'll clog (but then again, I'm pretty good at taking care of that problem...seems to happen often).


wendi jo said...

ok, so I'm assuming I was the one who missed some spots on the wall? How did I do that?

Heidi said...

It looks like the roller was just too dry, and didn't cover it good. It's ok though, I 'm just glad you were willing to paint all of it!

wendi jo said...

aww, I'm so sorry. I told you I'm not a good painter.
But I do like to do it! :)

Lindsay said...

reasons #2 and 3 why I will never..

Anonymous said...

How's Luke liking his Christmas present right now???

Jenny said...

so are you dry now? or did it get worse since it just kept raining yesterday?

wendi jo said...

So, Hyde... I was laying in bed at 5am this morning wide awake and remembered.

I did NOT roll the paint in your hallway. I did the trim, not the rolling.
so, you can't blame it on me after all. :D