Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Why's of Walmart

-Why is there never a close parking space when I come into Walmart, but when I leave, they're all open?

- Why is it usually raining on the day I need to go to the store?

- Why do I always have to suddenly pee really bad as soon as I walk in the store?

- Why is the Subway always baking fresh bread when I walk in (or out)?

- Why is the line I'm in always the one that goes the slowest?

- Why do I never look at my receipt and think "Yeah, that's about the right amount for the groceries I bought." Why is it always so much more?!

- Why is my cart almost always the squeaky one, the one who's wheels don't work quite right, or the one that shocks me at random intervals (long story)?

Just wondering.


Vanessa said...

How true!! I would add: Why do I always end up with a bag of gummie bears, a pack of Oreos, and chocolate ice cream when I'm pretty sure they weren't on my list?

:) Have a great day!

khsnyder said...

I totally agree. It never fails!

Lindsay said...

Why do I always go to Walmart looking quite terrible, fully knowing the it is inevitable that I will run into someone I know?!

Anonymous said...

Andd hungry kids and it's even worse...
And I tagged you.
And no need to thank me.