Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's going to be a long winter

It's 67.8 degrees in our house right now, and I'm freezing. How will I ever survive the days of a 62 degree home??!!

Last winter, my husband came up with a brilliant solution to getting me out of bed on time, since I usually refused to get up because it was too cold. We got a little space heater and a timer, and timed the heater to begin running about 1/2 hour before I had to get up. Tada! A nice toasty bathroom to greet me in the mornings.

I love that man and the random things he thinks up to keep me warm. :)


Jenny said...

*grin* I remember those days at U of I. My solution was lots and lots of layers... and a down comforter... and gloves when I was on my lappy.

pretty sure the only time I was really warm was in the shower. :D

--John.and.Amy said...

That is a perfect idea! We too keep our place around 60 during the winter and I absolutely HATE getting out of bed in the morning. I shower at night all winter long just to avoid the early morning chill. That is so genius... I may have to bring it up to MY husband. :)

Janel said...

WOW that is brilliant!! Our house was always freezing until we had Madison and we thought we had to keep it warmer, but then realized that a little heater was cheaper than heating the whole house *sigh* we went back to 62. I think we might just have to invest in another little heater:)

Lindsay said...

My solution? Marry a man who will buy me a nice warm house in Cali. Or Pheonix. Somewhere where it is NEVER cold.

Mawshy said...

In reply to you, I've been blog-stalking everyone for years, I just didn't know that's what it was called! I read your's pretty regularly :) And Luke's. It's fun to hear about your house & see what's going on with you guys. Otherwise I wouldn't know! :)