Friday, September 26, 2008

So Nervous

The "event" is finally here.

It's the event that every graduating MCON senior dreads the entire two years.

It's Senior Scenarios, and mine is in half and hour.

I feel fairly well prepared. Then again, maybe I don't.
When something is worth half your grade in a six credit hour class,
it doesn't matter how much time you've spent on it,
you're never prepared enough.
I am shaking. Literally. My knees feel weak,
and I think I might be sick.
Dramatic, yes, but it's truely how I feel.
Marsha and Heather made me eat some food,
which is now sitting heavily in my stomach.
My sympathetic nervous system
(fight or flight)
has kicked in and stopped digestion.
True story.
15 more minutes.
Panic plays no part in the training of a nurse. ~Elizabeth Kenny
Yeah right.

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Jenny said...

how'd it go??? i'm sure you did wonderful.