Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You know, maybe nursing wasn't quite the career for me. I love everything about, except for having to learn about all the things that can go wrong with a person.

The first paranoia episodes came during mental health class, during which I was positive I had a personality disorder or schizophrenia or bipolar....or something terrible.

Then there was med-surg, and all those everyday things like eczema (I diagnosed myself, thank you very much), UTI's, etc.

Next there was complex med-surg and critical care and a new paranoia of strep throat. Did you know it can cause kidney failure and endocarditis if not taken care of?!!! Yeah, me neither. To further my paranoia, my teacher informed us that unless you are already being monitored for some heart problem, you don't usually discover that you have endocarditis. Until you die, that it, since it can kill you within hours.

Anybody else paranoid with me yet?

To worsen the matter, someday I hope to have children, and I will be just like the mothers whose children I don't like to take care of. You know, the ones who have just a little too much medical knowledge for their own good.

My husband has already been strictly instructed that if one of our future children hit their head (even just a minor bump), and they throw up or act sleepy, that he is to take them to the emergency room immediately.
He didn't seem to deem the information necessary at that moment, but I figure there's nothing like planning for the future.


Jenny said...

you make me smile... :D

Luke said...

What about the heart attack??

Julie said...

LOL! I took Anatomy as an elective when I was in college (I don't know why, it just seemed like the lesser of the evils). Anyway, my professor was about 100 yrs. old and he laughed like, "heh. heh. heh." Anyway, he would always tell jokes and then laugh at himself. One of his jokes was, "What do you call a hypochondriac?... (dramatic pause) A first year med student! heh. heh. heh."

Lindsay said...

You can't help it...you have 1/2 of your mothe in you. At least you're not as paranoid as Wendi already is. I'm praying she NEVER decides to become a nurse.