Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm done!!

Yay!! I took my last final yesterday morning. I passed all my classes with flying colors. Praise God!

I came home and cleaned up some stuff, and then went to Pizza Ranch with Luke to celebrate. Then I came home and cleaned exploded champagne out of the freezer. I organized all my school papers and folders and binders and stacked them up, never to look at them again (at least not for a long time). I spent an hour and a half making chocolate lava cakes (which turned out!!), and then made supper for us and Paul and Elise. We drank a fair amount of champagne between the four of us. I was definitely feeling it. Then the guys tunned the goblets so we could all run out wet fingers around the top of glasses and it would sound good. While they experimented with various viscosities of liquid, Elise and I went and got a movie to watch. We watched it, and that was the end of out night.

It feels so amazing to not have the stress of school or not having to deal with the guilt of not studying. I think Luke is probably even more thrilled that I'm done for the semester. But we're both excited about my starting my job on Monday.


the traever said...

did you just say you got drunk?

Heidi said...

No, I wasn't drunk, but my face was feeling warm and stuff.

the traever said...