Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We got home from vacation about 4:30 on Saturday.  Alison slept 12 hours Saturday night, and she was one very happy girl after she ate on Sunday morning!  
Since Bridget had a bad cough, Luke stayed home with her, and since I had to teach Sunday school and work in the nursery, Carter and Alison stayed home too. 
Sunday after church I tackled the laundry and went grocery shopping because on Monday...
 We started potty training Carter!
I was totally dreading doing this. With Bridget it was 3 days of torture. However, he has done so well! On Monday he had two accidents first thing, then was dry the rest of the day! Tuesday he had one accident while playing outside, and pooped once as well, but the rest of the day he was again dry and telling me when he needed to go. Today he told me every time and stayed dry all day! I discovered the first day that the problem with having fun underwear is that he was excited when he'd wet them so he could wear the next pair. He told me "mom, when I get Dash wet, then I want to wear Lightning McQueen."

Tuesday I did 2 bushels of corn, with my mother in laws help. The kids thought shucking corn was great fun, and Bridget would take off one leaf (what are the green parts called?) at a time, and would get so excited when she could finally see the corn.

The last few days of vacation Bridget had a fever and cough. Now she is just coughing, and Monday and Tuesday randomly broke out in hives, which I guess is part of the virus because Carter had them too. Poor thing was so itchy and they were all over her face and back. 

Today the sweet baby had a rough morning - cranky and spitting up a lot. Then she took a 3.5 hour nap, and was full of sweet smiles! 

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