Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Last Tuesday I car pooled to Roanoke with my mom and Wendi for Wendi's first baby shower! She got some really cute stuff. It makes me wish I could get some new baby things.  :-)

On Thursday we celebrated 2 days of Carter being totally dry! He's had a few set backs since the weekend, but over all is still doing really well. He did however, go number 2 in his underwear on Monday, and knowing he did something wrong, he hid downstairs. When I came down the first thing that hit me was the smell. The 2nd thing was the pile of poop I stepped in. There was random piles all over the basement, and I spent most of Monday morning cleaning up and sanitizing everything. Add in grumpy kids, and Monday was a rough day. (In case you thought our lIves were perfect or something.) 

Monday passed, and on Tuesday the older two slept in, and I was able to spend a quiet morning with coffee, my bible, and this smiling sweetie, who had slept 11.5 hours! 

When Carter got up he wanted to wear his "cowboy boots." I think the poor kid needs some real ones, as his are Bridget's outgrown boots from last year.  :-/ 

And just to throw in some randomness, this is our picture we had taken for the deacon page of the church website. There were some entertaining ones, and this was the best one. 
These two goons hauled Carter's bedding downstairs and made a bed on the living rim floor for themselves. Bridget's  suggestion was that they take a nap there. Ha, sorry kiddo, I don't think it'd be very conducive to sleep! 

Tummy time with big brother. She loves it when Carter or Bridget pays attention to her!

These two love playing in the sandbox. I, however, have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the fun they have in it and the hours they'll play in there, but I hate the sand that ends up in their hair and pockets, and in the house. 

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Daniel & Wendi said...

Well now we know what Carter needs for his birthday... some cowboy boots and a watch, since he seems to be obsessed about those. :)