Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite pics of 2013

Just a few pics from the past year that make me smile.  :)

Making popcorn with dad

messy messy eat, he has only slightly improved

Children's museum with friends, and also the last time we'd fit in one van with the Grimm's

Reading books together, also I love this because you can just see some of Carter's long curls peeking out behind his left ear.  :)

Piano playing at grandma's

Story time with grandpa

Sleeping in a big bed!

It's time for flip flops! (probably one of Bridget's favorite times of the year)

New swing set and sandbox!

And the man who made it all possible. I love him.  :)

These got a little out of order....oh well
Donuts on July 4th morning

Mother's Day at Daniel and Wendi's

Uncle Luke's 16th birthday, and my newly shorn little boy

Ripstick rides

Back to July 4th...eating popcorn while waiting for dark

LOVES fireworks

My birthday, and my wonderful siblings

Vacation, and lots of books read by grandma

Going fishing for the first time! (no pictures of fish, because we didn't catch any)

He thinks he's big stuff

New booster seat

First real snow of year with our neighbor girl Grace, who Bridget thinks is the greatest

First hot chocolate

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Daniel & Wendi said...

LOVE the picture of Carter next to Dad & Adam on vacation. So cute. :)