Friday, December 27, 2013

And His name shall be called

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

We had a very enjoyable Christmas eve and day. Christmas eve we didn't have any plans till 4:30 so we spent the day together. We had a yummy breakfast (with a butterbraid I pulled out of the freezer) and we let the kids open a few small gifts. They were VERY excited. :)

Opening her Disney princess notebook and pens

Carter's new "mad birdies" (angry birds) markers. Didn't think about them not being washable though...

After naps we headed over to Luke's parents for Knapp Christmas. We had a delicious supper, followed by singing, gifts, and a piano recital by all who could play. The late night was finished off by cookies and ice cream.

The kids got pajamas, some new books, and little camp chairs. Bridget is very excited to "have my own chair so when we watch fireworks again I don't have to sit on your lap." She does have a good memory. And she loves fireworks.

We all went in together and got Luke's parents a new grill for Christmas. They were very surprised!

Christmas morning we headed over to my mom and dad's for breakfast before heading to church. The kids got to open one more gift before church, and this time they got magnadoodles (which I thought was a great church toy idea!)

After church we came back, put the kids down for naps, and had a quiet and delicious meal! The past few years my mom has made prime rib, and it is always amazing! After all were absolutely stuffed, and the dishes were done, we waited till the kids woke up from their naps to open presents. 

Bridget's one asked for gift: punch balls. She had gotten some for her birthday, and has been asking to get some for Christmas ever since.

One of Carter's gifts was a guitar. It was a "real" one, just smaller in size. However, after seeing him with it, we decided while the guitar idea was good, he maybe needed something a little age appropriate. So we took it back today and got a little electric one. While it's more age appropriate for him, it's also a lot more annoying. :)

Showing his "tu-tar" to uncle Adam

One of Bridget's beloved gifts was a Fur-real puppy. It has a leash with buttons to control where is goes so you can walk it, and when you pet it, it barks, whines, and makes some weird growling noise. I commented tonight that I feel almost like we have a real dog, as tonight while making food there was a barking, growling dog at my feet. Thankfully Mazie (as Bridget named her) doesn't need to be fed or be taken outside. Oh, and she even sheds. 

Grandpa reading the kids a story from one their new books

For once I actually thought to do a picture of all of us. Not that it turned out that great, but at least we're all looking in mostly the same direction. 

Bridget and Wendi entertained us with piano music and singing (singing by Bridget). It was so cute to watch Bridget pretend to play a long. She loves her Aunt Wendi! 

After presents we hung out, forced ourselves to eat pizza even though nobody was hungry, and packed up our huge amount of things. Then we headed home and completely crashed. :)

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