Monday, August 5, 2013


My birthday was 2 weeks ago, and since we hadn't celebrated Adam, Luke, or Daniel's birthdays (which were June 14, 22, & 25 respectively) we just lumped everyone in together. But since we celebrated on my birthday, I got to pick the meal.  :)  We had Ha chicken, new potatoes, creamed spinach, watermelon, and sweet corn, with a large array of leftover desserts in lieu of cake. My choice was a leftover apple dumpling with ice cream.

After supper we all (except dad) took a walk, and then came back, gave the kids baths and headed home.

 The kids love playing grandma's sandbox! Probably because she has a lot more toys in it than we do in ours!

 Heading out on our walk

 The easy riders

 The girls

The original 4

It was a great day. The kids were really good, which always makes the day better.  :)  I had gone into "pre-vacation mode" that morning and had spent most of the day washing all the windows in the house. Yes, I'll admit it's slightly odd, but when we leave to go on vacation I feel like the house needs to be cleaner while we're gone than it does any other time of the year. 

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