Monday, January 17, 2011

3 months!

My little girl isn't so little anymore! It makes me kinda sad that she's growing so fast. And at the same time, I remember soon after she was born thinking we'd never get to this point! But here we are! Her new accomplishments are:
-Talking. Just in the past week she's really started jabbering a lot. She gets very serious when talking to us, and has the most hilarious facial expressions.
-Turning in circles. When I lay her on the floor, she wiggles her body around that she turns in a circle.
-Helping mom with all sorts of things. As the 5th picture shows, she helps me with all sorts of household tasks, like laundry and dishes. I plop her in her bouncy seat or bumbo and we chat together.
-And speaking of her bumbo, she's getting much better at sitting up in it.
-Chewing and drooling. Chewing on her hands, her toys, my shoulder, my hair, her burp rag...whatever happens to be in a close vicinity to her mouth. Along with that comes the drool and a constantly wet chin. I keep checking, but no teeth yet!
-Naps? They're for babies. She still takes about 4 naps during the day, but instead of all of them being about an hour and half, she now sleeps about 30-45 minutes for all but one nap.
-Holding her bottle. She certainly can't hold it herself yet, but she has to have her hands on the bottle the whole time she eats.

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