Wednesday, November 3, 2010


With Bridget sleeping (in her bed, nonetheless!!), I thought I 'd take a few moments to catch up on some blogs before diving into those dreaded thank you notes.

And one of those blogs happened to be Nancy's post about their trip to Iowa.

And as I'm reading along, I'm thinking "aww...look at those sweet pictures!"

Until I got to the last picture.

Much to my dismay, it reminded me that when we went to Chicago for the day several weeks ago, that we didn't have the change for a toll, so we went through it with the intention of paying the 50 cents online later.

But we never did.


I guess we'll be getting a ticket in the mail soon.


Joel & Marcy said...

Toll tickets are not fun. We did the same thing. Except times 7. So we got 7 tickets in the mail. I was NOT HAPPY

traever guingrich said...

i've skipped at least 6 tolls and i have never gotten a ticket. so i don't think they send them to everyone.

Wendy said...

we've done that too! We got a HUGE ticket in the mail nearly a year later for 3 tolls we missed! Yuck, I'm sad for you!