Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm mad

I'm very mad at my teacher for pediatrics. She told us last Thursday that our test was online. She said it would be available Friday morning at 8, and would close Wednesday night at 9. I went to take it Saturday, it wasn't anywhere. I emailed her, and several classmates did too. She emailed me back today and told me where it was. It still wasn't there, so I emailed her back and told her it wasn't there. She emailed back and told me to look harder, and that it's been there since Friday morning. It hasn't, she's lying, and I'm mad.

So I emailed her back and told her it has not, and that I want until Friday to do this test. She'd better do it too, or I'm going to the Dean. We've had problems with lying teachers last semester and once this semester too. It's not going to happen again.


Jenny said...

yay!!! you're back in the blogging world!!!

i'm sorry you have to be in school...

the traever said...

listen to that sass!