Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm so bored right now. I got all ready to take on on-line test for pediatrics, and it's not up. It was supposed to be yesterday morning. So now I'm killing time on facebook and blogs.

My dear husband went fishing today. If there is a boat there, I will go next time. We're having a date night tonight, and I'm very excited. We're having steak, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls (made by the dough boy himself!), shrimp, and some type of vegetable (which I will cook mostly out of obligation to....something. We don't like veggies very much).

We had a couple come look at our house this afternoon. I had just finished cutting Luke's hair, and the house was kinda messy, so we asked them to give us half an hour. If I don't get things back out soon, I'll never find them again. I stuck dishes in with my sweatshirts, my backseat and trunk of my car are full, and school books and papers are stuck in every spot I didn't think they'd look.


wendi jo said...
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wendi jo said...

I'm impressed with all the updates!

(I realized my first comment really didn't make sense) :)