Friday, February 14, 2014

Kids' prayers

Bridget has taken a great interest in praying on her own in the past few weeks. While we are thrilled with this and encourage her to pray, it has made for some entertaining prayers. And of course, since Bridget wants to pray, Carter does to. Praying takes a decent chunk of time around here.  :)

I wanted to document some of their prayers (mostly Bridget's, Carter usually just repeats what we tell him to say).

-One night I made potato soup and told her she had to take one bite. She stewed over this bite all afternoon, and at supper prayed (very dramatically): "and God, PLEASE let me like my bite of soup!"

-Another night we had quiche that I added broccoli to. Bridget's pre dinner comment was "what are we eating? Are those vegetables?" I skirted around the issue by telling her it was like breakfast casserole (you know, eggs, cheese, sausage) and left out the broccoli part. Then she prayed "Lord Jesus (her usual reference to God/Jesus), thank you that there are no vegetables in my quiche." Oops. I may have gotten a glare from Luke

-Prayers for everyone's ouchie, headache, tummy issues, and any other ailment we've happened to mention in the past month.

-Thanks for her elephant, Pinkie

-"And Lord Jesus, thank you for this lovely house, and food, and cardboard." I had no idea where the cardboard came from, but after she prayed about it for a few days in a row, I figured out that she meant the chalkboard hanging on the kitchen wall!

-And then from Carter. After spending a Sunday night with our friends Brock and Jodie, Carter prayed (multiple times a day, for almost a whole week) "thank you a Bock and Dodie." They were well covered in prayer that week!

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