Saturday, September 8, 2012


As in, we have one. In preparation for our "some time in the next ten years" basement finishing project, we had an egress window well dug, and my wonderful husband and Mark H put in the window Thursday night, Pardon the nasty wall. That room pretty much just grosses me out. 

 The reasoning for having the window put in so soon was that we had our yard re-graded and since they had the backhoe in our yard already, it wasn't much work just to dig the hole. Below is the back and side of the house, which is now seeded. The front is still a big dirt pile and yesterday turned into a huge mud swamp. 

 We sold our bedroom set!! Before it left our house the kids had one last romp in the "hole" under it. Unfortunetly our new bedroom set won't be in until the end of next week, so our clothes are still in laundry baskets and storage tubs. The kids are having a great time with our mattress, which is just sitting on the floor. They can climb up on it, and Carter just bails off the edge when he wants off. 

 I have lots of very eager help when I empty the dishwasher. 

A few pics of our handsome little buddy.

 Thumb sucker!

 Helping aunt Wendi blow out her birthday candles

 Watching daddy mow. 

 We got a new mailbox and light, and painted our house numbers brown. Goodbye nineties gold!!

And last night we got to go meet sweet, sweet baby Jade. I've been having a little bit of baby fever lately and was a little nervous about what holding a sweet little newborn would do to me. But thankfully both kids were awful yesterday so I very much did not want another child when we headed to hospital.  :)

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