Friday, April 22, 2011

It starts early

Nesting, that is. With Bridget I was hoping nesting would kick in early. It did, somewhat, eventually. I cleaned out every closet, cupboard and drawer in my house. And I was happy.

Now I'm only 13 weeks (or somewhere close to that) and I have this overwhelming urge to clean out.

Case in point: the other night, (after informing Luke I wanted to buy a bookcase for the living room) I was worrying to Luke about what to do with cribs/beds/pack n plays once that baby is born. Do we buy another crib, put the baby in a pack n play, put Bridget in our queen sized bed and the baby in the crib, buy a toddler bed for Bridget...?

It was quickly decided (by me) that Bridget will stay in her crib and the baby will go elsewhere. I really can't put my little girl in a queen bed by herself when there's a good chance she won't even be able to walk by the time she needs to go in it. Same story with the toddler bed.

Then comes the (ie: my) problem with guest room that we'll move Bridget's crib into. There's already a queen bed and a dresser in there. We have to get rid of something to fit the crib in. We're also going to need another dresser. All my clothes are in the guest room and Luke's are in our room. Bridget's clothes are in her closet, but I won't be able to fit her clothes and the baby's clothes in there. So we discussed what to do with the guest room bed and dresser. There was no good option.

After a few moments of silence I commented that we have too much furniture and we need to get rid of some of it. Luke asked what I wanted to get rid of.

I couldn't think of anything. Except for the fact that while I was desperate to get rid of furniture, I was also needing to buy 2 more pieces of furniture!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have the need to go clean out the kitchen cupboards.


Natalie said...

You could always get a cradle or bassinet for the new baby, and put that in the guest room. Coty (youngest girl) slept in a pack n play in our (very large) closet for months and months. Then when Portia was big enough to move into the big bed (our king sized guest bed) we moved Coty into the crib.

Heidi said...

see, I want the baby in the nursery because that's where we have the rocking chair for nursing, and the changing table.

Jenny said...

hehe. I'm kind of hoping I get that crazy urge to clean soon, I haven't spring cleaned since we moved in.

If you run out of things to clean and organize at your house feel free to come over and do mine!

Joy said...

There is no way to fit a crib in the guest room along with the queen size bed and dresser? As far as dresser space for rule of thumb is, if I haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it! I don't know how big your closets are but pack them tight!!! Jayla shares a room with the guest bed, so we have LOTS of stuff in one room. I'm always reorganizing closets, stuffing things under beds and getting rid of stuff. We want another one soon so it's going to be very interseting with 2 kids in one room:) I know how you feel. Congrats by the way! I know I told Luke on FB. How fun that they will be so close in age:)

Mary said...

Nora slept in a pack n play for probably the first year of her life...I kept it in the same room as the crib where Max slept. When we finally moved Max downstairs, Nora graduated to the crib. I'm hoping to repeat the same thing with Tirzah, but Nora's not as heavy a sleeper as Max so we'll see how it goes. :S I agree with the above comment,'s super fun (most of the time) having kids close in age!