Thursday, July 8, 2010

a post with pictures!

These are in backwards order...oh well.

Bridget and I at 26 weeks. Only 98 days left!!

Friday night we put up the crib and changing table. We're using the crib that I used when I was a baby. It all went together quite well, considering we had no directions!

Oh, and I just had a picture of Luke working hard to put things together, but I accidentally back-spaced too far and erased it. Blogger really needs to have an undo button.

Paul and Elise came over one night last week so Paul could help Luke move the office furniture into our basement. Judah though the basket was clean sheets was lots of fun. :)

Thanks to my amazing husband, we have carpet in our basement. It's not exactly the color I would have chosen, but hey, when you get free carpet, you can't complain about it too much. Anyway, Luke got it all done, and it looks fabulous!

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Nancy said...

Wahoo for baby preparations! Looking great! I am guessing baby Bridget will love.....