Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh boy...

Has it really been over a month since I posted?! I suppose so. I guess I haven't been feeling much motivation to update. Anyway, here are some happenings of late.

For Wendi's 17th birthday (which was in August) we gave her a trip to Chicago for her and up to 3 friends. We finally got around to going about 2 weeks ago. Jenna and Jamie came along, and we had marvelous time together. Our hotel had just been re-done on the inside, and it looked so cool! We got lost, shopped, got lost, ate, got lost, went back to the hotel, swam, watched tv and headed to bed. The next day we shopped. And I do mean shop. I think I know now the meaning behind the saying "shop till you drop." I've never been so ready to leave a mall! But we had an awesome time!

Here we are, ready to go!

Trent and Jenae hosted potluck, and Jake and Meika were able to come down from Michigan to partake in the fun! Charlie and Judah were able to meet for the first time. Neither one of them were very impressed with the other. But us girls had a great time oohing and ahhing over them anyway.

The guys playing some sports trivia game that seems to make it's appearance at multiple potlucks.

Just hanging out.

We've also had the privilage of hanging out with this little munchkin and her parents several times. Let me tell you, this little girl is endless entertainment.

We've also spent a fair amount of time with my new boyfriend and his parents too. :)
(don't worry Luke, I still love you the best!)
He has a talent for making really cool faces, and looking totally annoyed with people.

Yes, the monkey outfit does look familiar. I got this outfit for Judah for holloween, but since he wasn't born yet when I bought it, I had to try it out on Adalai. I chose to post this picture, where Judah looks all content and happy in his darling outfit, and not the one where he is screaming. I'm sure he would have loved the outfit if he would have gotten the chance to look in a mirror.
(and if you think the monkey outfit is humiliating, wait till you see what I want to buy him for Christmas!)

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