Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So I may have to re-think the whole wanting kids thing

Because I was so glad to leave those babies behind this morning.

Not that the night was terrible, but it was crazy. Way too many babies born and the ones who were already born screamed....all night...not joking. Anyone notice that it was a full moon last night?

And the preemie baby I was taking care of kept having apnea episodes and turning blue. 17 times in 8 hours. He must have thought I needed something else to do. Scared me to death every time.

And I suctioned all 4 c-section babies born yesterday. Just lined them all up, stuck tubes down their throats, and sucked up all the mucus, amniotic fluid, old blood, and other nasty stuff out of their bellies and airway. It was great.

Oh, and I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes on the phone with "Brian" from pharmacy trying to convince him that I did too have a Dr's order for nasal spray, and yes, I faxed the order AND put it in the computer, and then tried to help him figure where in the world the order was disappearing to (black space somewhere, I suppose). I then proceded to spend 20 minutes on the phone with Dr. N who couldn't exactly understand why he needed to re-order the nasal spray. Poor guy. It's rough being woken up 3:15am.

Worst of all, I had brought a really good book to work so I could read it. I never even got to sit down, much less read my book.


the schros said...

so the imagery that comes to mind of babies lined up and getting suctioned somehow dehumanizes the poor little things. it's like a suction conveyor belt or something & learning how to NOT get annoyed or frustrated or flustered when babies are crying is an awesome talent you will for sure need when you have kids. keep going. love ya

Jenny said...

whatever, you know you still want 10... :)